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In 2095, Tytronitek city was miraculously rebuilt 17 years after the cataclysmic holocaust that destroyed the city before. To this day, no one could explain the anomaly that happened all those years ago…

Enter Eiko Megami, a beautiful teenager starting her first day at Tytronitek high along with her dizzy friend Shiko Kotobuki. Eiko is a lively 17-year old, no different from any other, except beneath her oh-so-sexy hide lies incredible strength beyond imagination. Which is great news as she has an array of bullies and cyborg gym teachers to beat before she can start her schoolwork…that is if she can get to school on time.

But these maybe the least of her problems. Strange things have been happening all over Tytronitek recently. The arrival of the alien gang Zynda, led by the sinister Chymira, not only complicates things for Eiko, but also endangers the lives of herself, her friends, and her foster-relatives. Who are these Zynda guys? Why are they so interested in her and Shiko? Who is the mysterious new arrival Biko? How did Eiko get her super strength? Is the world at stake? And will Shiko ever cook something remotely edible? Pick up the darn comic already and start reading!

Shin Project A-ko is the remake of the classic series by Yuji Moriyama (GeoBreeders, Nuku Nuku) brought to you by acclaimed writer and artist Thomas Tuke (Kouryu Sukuinushi). Packed full of good old fashion kick-ass action and hilarious laughs, Shin Project A-ko will have you glued from start to finish.